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News, issues and announcements

Sapphire is regularly updated as part of NHMRC’s effort to continuously improve the user experience of our grant management system.

December 2023 - Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Sapphire accounts
NHMRC is implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in Sapphire to meet Australian security standards. The new MFA feature in Sapphire will be mandatory and is expected on Thursday 7 December. A guide is available here: How to setup MFA in Sapphire.

August 2023 - Disable Ad blockers when using Sapphire
NHMRC is aware of the issue of Ad blocker browser extensions preventing Sapphire from saving. A Sapphire vendor update has been implemented to prevent this from happening. If Sapphire detects an Ad blocker extension it will make the forms ‘read-only’. Sapphire users are encouraged to disable Ad blocker extensions in their browsers and save regularly.


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